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Halcom web services for facilitated electronic business are intended for a wide range of electronic service providers that want to offer their users access to services using the digital certificate of any Slovenian Certificate Authority (CA), without having to pay attention to the various methods used by the CAs to store data in digital certificates.

The web services for facilitated electronic business consist of three services:

  • CertificateStatus – web service for verifying digital certificate validity (time validity, certificate signature validity, certificate status in the lists of revoked certificates),
  • CertificateInfo – web service for getting information of the digital certificate and its holder,
  • CertificateTaxNumbers – web service for verifying the tax numbers of digital certificates (personal tax number of the holder, company tax number).

Access to these services is only possible by using an appropriate client digital certificate. Any valid digital certificate is enough to try out the services, while for production use, only certificates issued by a qualified CA registered in Slovenia should be used.

Detailed information on how they work and the services input and output data, is available in the documentation.

Halcom d.d. does not charge any usage or connection fees to use the web services for facilitated electronic business. In an effort to promote the rapid expansion of electronic business in Slovenia and abroad, the services are available completely free of charge. Though the web services are free, they are not anonymous. Web service access is granted manually on the basis of the client digital certificate submitted to us. You can send us your test client certificate in any standard format (DER – .cer or .crt, PEM/base64 – .pem or .txt, PKCS#7 – .p7b, …) to the address ca@halcom.si.

Before switching on production access, we ask companies who will be using the services to send us a short letter containing data about the company and the certificate for accessing the services (issuer, serial number) and the purpose of service use (e.g. “online store” etc.).

The web services support the certificates of all CAs registered in Slovenia: SIGEN-CA, SIGOV-CA, ACNLB, POŠTA®CA and HALCOM-CA.

Due to the particularities of the certificates of individual issuers, some service functionalities are not supported with these certificates. The web service for verifying the validity of digital certificates and tax numbers of legal entities supports all Slovenian CAs. Since SIGEN-CA does not store personal tax numbers in its digital certificates, verification of personal tax numbers is possible only for the certification authorities ACNLB, POŠTA®CA and HALCOM-CA.

Tax numbers of legal entities can be verified with the digital certificate of any Slovenian CA.

CertificateInfo supports digital certificates of all Slovenian CAs, but the range of information displayed differs for each CA.

The web service displays the following information for the certificates of all CAs:

  • name of issuer (SIGEN-CA, SIGOV-CA, ACNLB, POŠTArCA, Halcom CA PO 3, Halcom CA PO e-signature 1)
  • digital certificate serial number
  • time validity of certificate (from – to)
  • name, surname or title of certificate holder,
  • the company indicated in the certificate (in the case of legal entity representatives)
  • the tax number of the company in the certificate (in the case of legal entity representatives)
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