Cancellation or reversal of already sent SDD orders

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The creditor is able to cancel or reverse the already sent SDD order. Cancellation can be done in the Archive > SDD orders folder only for orders with the statuses “SENT” and “IN PROCEDURE”, and reversal for orders with the “BOOKED” status. Cancellation/reversal can be done in two ways, depending on the preparation of the basic SDD order.


Open folder Archive > SDD orders 


Select the SDD order, which you wish to cancel or reverse.


Select the Reversal command. Depending on the status of the SDD order, a window for Reverse opens up (for the “BOOKED” order status) or cancellation opens up (for the “SENT” or “IN PROCEDURE” order status).


Select the reason for reversal or cancellation.

The subsequent procedure is the same as for cancelling a payment order, which is described in the section Cancelling sent orders. . Preklic že poslanih nalogov.

NOTE: If you do not have the “Undo” option, your bank may not support this functionality. For more information, contact your bank.