How do I pay an e-invoice?

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For all received e-invoices you can prepare and send payment orders to your bank for processing with just a simple click.


Select the account.


Select the type of transaction.


Open the Overview folder.


Select the e-invoice for which you wish to create a payment order.


Click on Open.

A new E-invoice envelope window will appear. Select the Prepare payment order command.


A new window will appear informing you about the successfully created payment order, its location (folder Preparation > Orders) and . If the due date for e-invoice payment has passed, is incorrect or falls outside the bank’s business hours, the date of the payment order will be set to present date or the earliest payment day, with a warning and the possibility of changing the payment date. To proceed, select Domestic payments as the type of transaction, open the folder Preparation > Orders and continue by sending the order to the Payment section.