Installing/Upgrading the Hal E-Bank/Personal

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Before installation, make sure that:

  • Your hardware meets the minimum hardware requirements. What’s critical usually is the amount of hard disk space left. The Hal E-Bank requires approximately 200 MB due to the size of the database, depending on the number of entries that you want to store.
  • Your version of Windows is functioning normally. Any faults should be eliminated before installing the Hal E-Bank.

Only the versions of Microsoft Windows supported by the manufacturer can be used with the Hal E-Bank.


To download the Hal E-Bank/Personal, click HERE.



In the center of the website, click Save to save the file to a folder of your choice.


Find the file Personal E-Bank and run it by clicking Run. The Hal E-Bank/Personal software installation wizard will open.


At the window “Welcome to the InstallShield wizard for the Hal E-Bank/Personal”, select Next.


When asked “Do you accept the licence terms?”, select Yes.


At the type of installation, select Custom install or Upgrade (depending on your installation choice) and click Next.


In the next step, select (or leave ticked) the options Program Files and Nexus Personal and then again click Next.


The installation wizard will offer you an installation folder for the Hal E-Bank/Personal (this is usually C:\Program Files\Halcom\Personal E-Bank). If the folder does not exist, we recommend that you select the provided folder and click Next.


By clicking Finish you will finish installing the Hal E-Bank/Personal. A window will appear informing you that Nexus Personal has been successfully installed. Afterwards, the computer will need to be restarted.

Please note that for the Hal E-Bank/Personal to function properly, you will need drivers for your ONE FOR ALL smart card / USB key appropriate for your version of Windows. If the drivers are not installed automatically by Windows, you can install them manually by clicking here tukaj.

Personal_E-Bank_EN.exe 217.24 Mb download
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