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In accordance with European legislation, the ISO SEPA XML format is the only option for exporting and importing data. If you import and export files to backend programs, check if they support the ISO SEPA XML standard.


slovenski priročnik English manuals
ISO SEPA XML Verzija 4.0 – 7.0 Rulebook ver. 4.0 to 7.0
pain.008.001.02 SDD – nalog direktne obremenitve SDD payment orders
pain.002.001.03 Zavrnjeni nalogi SDD Rejected SDD orders
pain.007.001.02 Uvoz preklicanih in zavrnjenih nalogov SDD Import of cancelled and reversed SDD orders
MP SEPA Množična plačila SEPA – Napotki za pripravo paketa MP SEPA Mass Payments SEPA – Instruction for Preparation of MP SEPA Batch


Import/export file schemes:

Document type Shema
Payment Order »CustomerCreditTransferInitiationV03« pain.001.001.03.xsd
Transactions »BankToCustomerAccountReportV02« camt.052.001.02.xsd
Statements »BankToCustomerStatementV02« camt.053.001.02.xsd
Debit/Credit »BankToCustomerDebitCreditNotificationV02« camt.054.001.02.xsd
SEPA Direct Debit Initiation (SDD) »CustomerDirectDebitInitiationV02« pain.008.001.02.xsd
Rejected SDD Order «CustomerPaymentStatusReportV03« pain.002.001.03.xsd
SDD Payment Reversal »CustomerPaymentReversalV02« pain.007.001.02.xsd


The standard came into effect on 1 August 2014 and is supported by Hal E-Bank. For e-bank installation click here.


ISO_SEPA_XML_Verzija_4.0_7.0.pdf 1.94 Mb download
ISO_SEPA_XML_CTRB_4_7_ENG.pdf 1.91 Mb download
SDD_nalog_direktne_obremenitve.pdf 728.85 Kb download
SDD_payment_orders.pdf 865.38 Kb download
ISOSEPAXMLSDDzavrnjeni_pain002_SLO_v1.1_20131216.pdf 500.94 Kb download
pain002_zavrnjeni_SDD_ENGnew.pdf 499.75 Kb download
Pain007slo.pdf 604.93 Kb download
Pain007eng.pdf 621.37 Kb download
Navodila_Priprava_paketaMP_SEPA.pdf 76.92 Kb download
Navodila_Priprava_paketaMP_SEPA_ENG.pdf 29.67 Kb download
SWIFT_formati_ANG.pdf 273.25 Kb download