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Remote assistance is available when a Halcom Helpdesk employee establishes remote access through an internet connection to a client’s computer and helps them to solve an issue. Remote access is enabled only during a Helpdesk call between a client and a Helpdesk employee.

For more information on remote assistance, please see the webpage or call Halcom Helpdesk at +386 1 200 33 69.



In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Halcom d.d. is bound to protect data obtained through remote access to a client’s computer. To provide safe, user-friendly and useful technical and user support in e-banking and e-business, we collect and store the following data:

  • Contact information (e.g. name, business entity, phone number, e-mail address);
  • Information related to support and maintenance services (error report or claim, description of the error, question or claim and related transactions, information on used software, description of undertaken actions and communication, screenshots and screen recordings, examples of error files);
  • Recordings of technical support phone calls;
  • Documents and communication related to support or maintenance (error reports, orders, messages, error files, screenshots etc.).

Halcom uses the client information which was obtained during remote access solely to provide additional support services for its software products and shall under no circumstances or conditions be held responsible for any damage due to loss of data or information resulting from the provision of remote assistance services. Halcom stores records of provided remote access service in accordance with the statute of limitations (the legal limitation period to file a claim).

The client is responsible to protect any information by closing all windows and documents containing personal and/or sensitive information before establishing a connection with a remote assistance consultant.

Our Data Protection Policy can be obtained HERE.

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