Signing up for e-invoices

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Hal E-Bank enables their potential e-invoice recipients to view existing sign-ups and sign-offs from e-invoices, enables new sign-ups for receiving e-invoices and enables the users to unsubscribe from receiving e-invoices from a certain issuer. Hal E-Bank also provides its users with access to the register of e-invoice issuers (A).


Open the folder E-invoice Sign-Up


Click on the Overview, New Sign-Up or New Sign-Off button.


In the newly opened window select a digital certificate. Confirm your selection by clicking on OK.


Then enter your PIN code in the newly opened window. Enter your personal digital certificate number and confirm by clicking the Verify my identity button or press Enter.


The e-invoice portal will open. Enter your password. Confirm the entry by clicking Confirm. The home page of the portal will be displayed where you can view your existing e-invoice sign-ups, or sign up and sign off from receiving e-invoices.