Upgrading the Hal E-Bank/Corporate

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Before upgrading, close any running Hal E-Bank/Corporate clients.

After the upgrade, which must be performed at all workstations where the Hal E-Bank/Corporate is installed, all the Hal E-Bank/Corporate clients must be the same version (all of the Hal E-Bank/Corporate clients must be upgraded)

You can login to the Hal E-Bank again (restart the Hal E-Bank/Corporate) only after the upgrade is completed.

The upgrade should be performed when users are not running the Hal E-Bank/Corporate. The upgrade will have to be performed on all computers where the multiuser version is installed

The upgrade procedure for the first CLIENT is different from other clients.




To download Hal E-Bank/Corporate, click here.


Your browser might ask you what to do with the file. Select Run or Save.


After the download is completed, the file will run automatically; if Windows again asks you what to do with the file, select run.


The Hal E-Bank/Corporate software installation wizard will open.


At the window “Welcome to the InstallShield wizard for the Hal E-Bank/Corporate”, select Next.


When asked “Do you accept the licence terms?”, select Yes.


At “Type of installation”, select custom installation and click Next.


At “Select components”, only leave ticked Program Files and E-Obrazci and click Next.


The installation wizard will offer you an installation folder for the Hal E-Bank/Corporate (this is usually C:\Halcom\Corporate E-Bank).


If the folder does not exist yet, it is recommended to select the provided folder and click Next.


By clicking Finish, you will complete the installation of the program.

Upgrading the other CLIENTS is different in that you need to select Upgrade when asked about the type of installation.

Select “Upgrade” during installation.

All workstations with the Hal E-Bank/Corporate client must have the same version installed.

Corporate_E-Bank_EN.exe 192.30 Mb download