What are security features in Halcom One?

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Security and protection in Halcom One application is provided by the integrated security library of mobile one-time passwords (mOTP) of the world-renowned security element provider Thales DIS (formerly Gemalto).

Halcom One security with an integrated mOTP library is based on purpose-built keys, which are securely stored on the user’s mobile device, and enable the creation of one-time passwords (OTP – one time password) based on many criteria (current time, user identity) , unique identifier of the mobile device, system protection, signature data, etc.).

The Halcom One integrated mOTP library also provides additional security mechanisms for key protection (encryption, unstructured key notation), uses code obfuscation, and possible so-called detection. root / jailbreak mobile device bypasses.

The Halcom One mobile application uses strong two-tier authentication, which provides the highest level of security for signing digital documents on the principle of “something that only user has (Halcom One mobile application or mobile device)” and “something that only user knows (PIN code)” and ” something that user is (fingerprint or facial recognition) ”.