What are the benefits of Halcom One for the end user?

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• With Halcom One, you can securely access your bank accounts on the web, mobile banking and other e-services from any smart device.
• Using Halcom One for personal identification is free and you can download the app for free to all your smart devices running Android or iOS operating systems.
• Signatures of documents using Halcom One are legally binding, recognized in all EU countries and have the same legal effect as handwritten signature.
• One universal login for all channels: from now on, use only your smart device and one password or fingerprint. Connect the existing user accounts to your Halcom One account in a few clicks.
• With Halcom One, you can control when and where you use data.
• Works without the use of additional devices (card, reader, etc.) and without installation of additional software (drivers, Java, etc.). The digital certificate in the cloud provides user with a more secure, faster and easier solution for authentication and authorization.