What are the requirements for using the Hal E-Bank?

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To use the Hal E-Bank, you will need:

  • a personal computer running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
  • the Hal E-Bank software here
  • a qualified digital certificate on a secure storage media issued by Halcom CA or a bank. You can read all about ordering digital certificates tukaj
  • if your qualified digital certificate was issued on a smart card, you will also need a smart card reader and drivers for it, which are available for download here, or a free USB port to use digital certificates stored on a USB key,
  • a connection with the bank server (internet access or a dial-up connection)
  • a signed business agreement on doing business via the Hal E-Bank solutions, which you conclude with your bank. To ensure normal operation, it is recommended to use the Hal E-Bank software only on computers that meet the recommended hardware and software configuration available here.
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