What is Hal E-Bank?

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Hal E-Bank is a family of modern e-banking support software products. Hal E-bank supports working with multiple banks and multiple accounts for multiple companies.

With Hal E-Bank you can:

  • transfer funds
  • check your account balance
  • place payment orders with future due dates,
  • view account transactions by different time periods,
  • exchange e-mails with your bank,
  • link the preparation of orders with the directory of payees and their accounts,
  • save repeated payment orders (regular or similar monthly payments),
  • receive saved payment orders from a file,
  • exchange orders and statements with other programs
  • exchange any files, forms etc. with the bank
  • export payment orders, statements
  • use e-invoices

The list of banks included in the Hal E-Bank system is available here.