Which Halcom One cloud certificate information do I provide to the bank, to include me in the Halcom MultiPay web bank?

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Enter the Halcom One app and select Profile in the top left menu.

You can also change some information (your name and certificate information cannot be changed). You can share profile data with your bank and other users by pressing the “SHARE” button.


First, select the data you want to share. If you will provide your digital certificate information to your bank, select:

  • Name
  • Tax number
  • Email
  • Certificate

After selecting the data and reviewing it, press the “Next” button.


The Halcom One application will ask you to confirm the profile sharing by entering your PIN code.


After selecting the data to share, the “Complete action using” pop-up window opens. Select which application you want to use to provide your digital certificate information.


You will be able to provide the shared data to the bank in attachments (xml and vcf format).

Note: to display the xml file correctly, it is recommended to open it in a browser (eg Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozzila Firefox).