Installing on a new computer and transferring the archive

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For installing the program on a new computer, click Download Hal E-Bank/Personal and follow the installation instructions. After completing the installation, follow the instructions below.

WARNING: The archive needs to be downloaded before starting a new installation of Hal E-Bank/Personal (before first accessing the e-bank on a new computer).

Transfer the e-bank archive from the old to the new computer:


First close the e-bank on your old computer and open the e-bank installation folder on your old computer. Here’s how you can do it: locate and right click the e-bank shortcut on your computer’s Desktop. Left click on Properties and then on Find target or Open file location. This will open the e-bank installation folder.

Run PersonalEbankMigrationWin.exe program from the old e-bank installation folder on your old computer.

In the newly opened window read the warning and click Save.


In the next window read the notice and click Yes.


Select the location to save the file with archive data on your computer (e.g. select Desktop) and click the OK button.


Wait for the migration to complete and then click OK.


Read the notice and click OK.


The zipped file with archive data ( can be found at the previously selected location (e.g. Desktop). Do not change the name of the file!

Transfer the file to a new computer (e.g. to Desktop).

Keep your newly installed e-bank closed on the new computer.

Open the installation folder of the new e-bank on the new computer and run the program PersonalEbankMigrationWin.exe (run the PersonalEbankMigrationWin.exe which can originally be found in the new installation folder). This needs to be done before the e-bank can be launched on the new computer.

A new window will open. Read the warning and click load.



Select the downloaded zipped file containing archive data ( from the location to where you have previously saved it. Do not change the name of the file. Click Open.


Wait for the migration to complete and then click OK.


You have successfully transferred the e-bank archive data to your new computer.