The program displays the error “User data cannot be refreshed. Cannot continue or Rejected: requested data does not exist” What is wrong?

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There can be many different reasons for this problem. Make sure:

  • you have signed a business agreement with your bank for conducting business over Hal E-Bank. Having an account with the chosen bank is not enough. You will need to check the authorizations;
  • you have forwarded the digital certificate printout to your bank. The bank authorises users based on the received document. You can read more about it here,
  • the communication channels for connecting with bank servers are open. You can check this with the Program for testing the connection with the bank server, you can find it in the article to where you will be re-directed,
  • all certificates are visible in Nexus Personal. You can check this by following the instructions here. If Electronic ID is not visible in Nexus Personal, we propose you find the chip on a smart card or insert the USB key into another port on your computer.